How It All Started

I sometimes have a calloused brain when it comes to accepting something new (I don’t have a Green personality).  But after experiencing improved wellness through essential oils, I began to accept that there could be something to these essential oils found in the Bible, my manual for life.

And then I started telling (maybe it was closer to forcing others) to use the essential oils that influenced my life so much.

Looking for Continuous Wellness, But Skeptical

I first heard about Young Living Oils 10+ years ago and I quickly discounted them.  The company seemed like yet another “get rich quick” fad.  Not to mention {gasp} it appeared to be a pyramid scheme (it’s not, by the way).  I was introduced to YL Thieves Oil through my herbalist after our son was born and thought that she must be off her rocker.

But there remained in me a curiosity.

I Wanted A Baby

After struggling to become pregnant for several years, I discovered that I had PCOS (poly-cystic ovarian syndrome).  I was told that the likelihood of ever having children was slim.  I began looking for healthy alternatives that would support my body in the way God designed.

A Return Trip to the Crazy Herbalist

Remember that crazy herbalist?  Well, she isn’t so crazy.  She said that with God all things are possible.

Yes.  I believed that.

Then she stated I would be pregnant within three months.  Yea, right!

Guess what?  I got pregnant within three months using a concoction of various herbs that she suggested.  But really — we see all 4 of our children as a miracle from the Lord.

Why Thieves Oil?

After my son was born, I continued to make a monthly visit to our herbalist.  She talked me into purchasing that Thieves oil from Young Living.

We used this dietary supplement and were delighted how it supported wellness.

Quite frankly, the rest is history.

And that, my friend, is what this website exists.  I want you to experience continued wellness.

Sharing the Tools God Left on Earth

Similar to my passion of sharing Frugal Organic on my (personal) blog, (formerly Granola Mom 4 God), I am equally passionate about teaching on the subject of oil infused products.  Though I have seen my passion turn into a side business, my focus is on teaching about the Biblical validity of essential oils.

But do you want to know some fun facts about me?  Find out more.

I’d love to support you and your wellness journey.  Join me and find support in our online oil-infused community.

First Steps

  1. Join Young Living using this link.
  2. Sign up for my free website once you have become a Young Living member using my Young Living number, 970238, using the above link).  Just so you know, if you choose to support your essential oil habit by building a home based business, you can invite your team/friends/downline to utilize our website too!