1+1+1=1 Dips into Essential Oils

Surprise!  You landed on the Naturally His website thanks to Carisa from 1+1+1=1.


We often become like those we hang out.  While Carisa and I don’t go to Starbucks every week, or really even every month, we stalk read eachother’s blogs, catch up on life via Instagram,  and scheme about what blogging conferences to attend or pass on.

Little does she know, I have secretly put enough essential oils on her IRL at those events to successfully pique her interest in essential oils.  Just kidding.  That would be weird.  {ahem}

Essential Oils are Biblical

Actually, it’s not me.  I really think that God works on people to spark an interest in learning more about therapeutic grade essential oils because they are scriptural.


But what we (Carisa and I) want to share with you is our interest in essential oils.  As you may know Carisa uses her online presence to bless others and also to help support their family’s ministry.  Likewise I am doing the same thing, as our family is seeking to re-enter the mission field.

Like an affiliate link, whenever you sign up as a Young Living Distributor, a portion of your purchases helps us fund our ministries (or future ministry — in my case).  And because of our hearts, we don’t want to leave you hanging.  So when you begin to use Young Living Therapeutic Grade essential oils with us — you will have this blog to support your learning journey.  Additionally, you can always email me personally{thegranolamom4god (at) gmail (dot) com) if you have any questions as you are learning.

Would you like to learn more about Essential Oils?

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What will you receive?

That really is up to you.  BUT we would recommend you sign up as a distributor with the Everyday Oils Kit (and this is what Carisa signed up with — because it has all the most commonly used oils within the kit).  You can learn more about the Everyday Oils Kit and watch a video I made awhile ago.

What is a Young Living Distributor & How Will It Benefit Me?

Perks of being a distributor:

  • coupon for $40 off of a diffusor
  • two oils come with your basic kit (lavender and peppermint)
  • you pay wholesale for your essential oils rather than retail
  • you have the potential to make a business of it (but you most certainly do not have to)
  • you only need to spend $50 per year to remain active
  • NO monthly minimum of sales
  • if you chose to go on Essential Rewards (read autoship) you earn free products and cheaper shipping

Perks of Signing up with the Everyday Oils Kit?

free essential oils 101 class

  • FREE book (from me — $19 value)
  • FREE classes to watch and learn
  • $40 credit from Young Living
  • 11 great oils total

Do You Pay the Distributor Fee Every Year?

(With Young Living you NEVER pay your distributor fee of $40 again.  That is a one time only fee.  To maintain your “right” to purchase oils at wholesale you only have to spend $50 per year or (50 PV).  If you don’t spend that within one year, you go inactive.  Typically, to reactivate you purchase $100 worth of products to restock your oils.

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